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Handcrafted In Small Batches 

Welcome to Jason’s Jar; Experience what’s inside. It’s just the beginning for Jason’s Jar line of inventive quality products, interactive customer commitment and in a real way we will be starting this journey together. Please join me if you will as we explore together a few of my favorite topics: Apothecary, Culinary, and Aromatherapy. I will be presenting first rate creative merchandise from each of theses areas, always accessorized with extras, like a handy tool or useful gadget to help enjoy the experience.
  Let’s engage  and with your help, suggestions and advice, I will be constantly updating the variety of Jason’s Jar products and improving for you  an exceptional customer service experience from the comfort of your own homes. What started for me as a hobby, just making gifts during holidays and birthdays, for family and friends…now is a new, savvy small business start up, creative and forward-thinking. So please do, enjoy, and experience what’s inside!  

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